Dermalogica Facials...


Improve your skin care to its optimum. This complete skin treatment experience is free from common irritants, artificial colours and fragrances.


Relaxing Facial - a wonderful relaxing treatment: Using essential oils and incorporates a massage of arms and hands, or feet and legs. £36.00


Medicated Cleansing Treatment - breakouts have finally met their match:Focusing on purifying the skin with deep-cleansing,
followed by extractions. £42.00


Power Regeneration Treatment - feel like your skin needs a revitalising power boost?: This vitamin and hydroxy acid exfoliation is combined with an energising massage to release tension in the facial muscles. The ultimate in skin therapy for prematurely aging, dry and devitalised skin. Notice the difference with firmer, smoother and revived skin. £42.00


Environmental control Treatment - super-smoothing cleansing for stressed skin: If your skin is looking red, inflamed or feeling itchy, then this is the treatment for you! This facial will remove impurities from your skin, while a calming oatmeal masque instantly reduces redness and inflammation.



Stress-relief Touch Therapy - need an extra boost? Why not add a touch therapy to your facial. Choose from scalp or back treatment. £10.00